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Optimal Nutrition

Effortlessly improve your life with complete meals from Queal. Make a shake in a minute, or take a bar wherever you go. We believe that you can live optimally only if you have the right nutrition. Queal helps you to create more.


Make a shake in the morning, take it to work, or drink one before you go to the gym. There isn’t always time to prepare food, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. Now you can feel confident you will always have a meal ready.


Our flagship product is our complete meal in a shake. You can make it within a minute and take it everywhere. It’s surprisingly tasty and made from natural ingredients like oats, soy, and corn.


You can start with a Taste Tester for a sampling of 7 of our regular flavours. Or choose exactly which flavours you will get with a custom order. Either way, we promise you it will be a great experience.

Bars for Wherever

Where you are should never limit your ability to have a balanced meal. From back-to-back meetings to a hike in the mountains, the WundrBar is there as a fulfilling meal. Delicious and nutritious, the WundrBar combines the best of both worlds as a complete meal in a bar.


The WundrBar is not only a small meal, it improves your day with 40% of the essential vitamins. So put one in your laptop bag, desk drawer or backpack. It’s here to help you create more wherever you are.


Just like our shakes, the WundrBar is made from natural ingredients and with a little over 400 calories, it’s a perfect small meal. Choose from two flavours, or get some of both. You never know when you will need one!

Overview WundrBar
Overview Boost

Improve Your Focus

Where Queal Shakes and the WundrBar give you the essentials, the Boost helps you perform at an optimal level. The Boost a science-based supplement that gives you a mental edge.


The Boost is a combination of the best state-of-the-art cognitive enhancing ingredients available at this moment. It’s a nootropic, which means its components have a significant impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your brain.


Take a Boost with your daily coffee, tea or Queal Shake and expect an increase in focus. Switch between tasks more easily and reduce anxiety and stress. With a Boost, you will take your cognition to the next level.

Optimal Nutrition for Everyone


Queal was founded three years ago to help make your life easier, to enable you to create more. The founders, Onno Smits and Floris Wolswijk, wanted to eat something healthy and easy to make. They wanted to make a new type of food, one that helps you perform optimally.


In the supermarket, they found you could only get salads (high in salt, low in vitamins), and microwaveable meals (full of saturated fats). That’s why they re-engineered food back from the basics. Starting with natural ingredients like soy, oats and milk protein, they rebuilt complete meals from the ground up.


Over time the recipe of the shakes and bars has been continuously improved and perfected. Queal is a great meal that is nutritionally complete and provides you with an excellent balance of energy. So you can focus on doing what you do best and create more.



Does its job perfectly. Been a user over 2 years now and like that Queal makes an effort in showing that they constantly improve themselves over time, seeing first hand their improvements over these 2 years. And now WundrBars too, this I like!

Kjartan (Charlie) N. Jespersen


Great product and service.



I’ve been using Queal for 6 months now. 4 days a week 2 times a day. I’m still thinking of continuing 🙂

I got exactly what I expected (better time management) and more (taste is actually good) for a great price (€2,10 a meal).

Mads Madsoleh-van der Meulen


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