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Queal Taste Tester

The Taste Tester is a diverse sampling of our 7 regular flavours. At a special discounted price you will get 3 meals of each, plus a FREE shaker and scoop. Enjoy 21 meals (3 per flavour) of this revolution in food that helps you create more.


You only have to add water to enjoy a meal that contains a balance of protein, essential fats, carbs and fibres. Each shake also contains 33% of essential vitamins and minerals. And all of that is made in no more than 1 minute of scooping and shaking.


Why buy a Taste Tester?

  • Get a taste of all regular flavours
  • Surprisingly tasty
  • Easy introduction to complete meals

▼ Nutritional Information

  • High in protein
  • High in fibre
  • A complete meal

View the full nutrient & ingredient information

  • 10.4g Fats

  • 44.3g Carbs

  • of which 4.7g Sugar

  • 27.7g Protein

  • 8.1g Fibre

  • 0.7g Salt

*values for Athletic and Lite are slightly different

▼ Ingredient Information

Queal is made from natural ingredients that provide a full nutrient profile. We also use some natural flavouring to make the shakes taste amazing.

  • Each shake is a complete meal
  • Made with high-quality whey protein, oats, soy and corn
  • Scottish Oat Flour 30%

  • Corn Maltodextrin 25%

  • Whey Protein 25%

  • Soy Flour 10%

  • Vegetable Oil 4%

  • Inulin Fibre 1%

  • Vitamins and Minerals 1% (33% RDA)

*values for Athletic and Lite are slightly different

Choose your best match!


  • 700 kcal per meal
  • Perfect for most people
  • FREE shaker + scoop


Standard is our most popular variation. Each meal is balanced to energise you for hours. Only €2,33 per meal.




  • 600 kcal per meal
  • 15% fewer calories
  • FREE shaker + scoop


Lite is there when you need a little less than average. Not moving that much, or on the move to lose some weight. Then Lite is your best choice.




  • 766 kcal per meal
  • 30% more protein
  • FREE shaker + scoop


Athletic is custom-made for (endurance) sports. Higher in protein and overall calories for more energy. Made with high-quality (82%) whey protein.



▼ Delivery & Returns

We will send your order ASAP so you will have it at home in 1-5 business days. Orders made before 22.30 are shipped out the same day (before 16.30 for Germany). We use high-end international postal services to ensure that your package will arrive on time and undamaged.

  • Track your order online
  • Personal customer service from Kala & Onno
  • Fair return policy (refund on bags possible within 14 days)

▼ Allergens & Storage

Allergens: Contains gluten, soy, and dairy.

May contain traces of egg.


Storage: Store in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.


Long shelf life: 12 months